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Here are comments written on our feedback cards from customers over the last few months:

"We had dinner with you last evening and it was the greatest as usual. We brought friends from California and they were impressed and enjoyed the meal and the whole experience. We appreciate your friendliness to them and us. They enjoyed the piano playing and singing. Tell Denise the food was excellent the men had Prime Rib and the ladies had Salmon. Hope all is going well with this weekend's business. We will see you again soon I'm sure." - Don & Rita Paul 8/9/12 Ashland

"Bravo!" Anna 6/24/12

"Great dinner! Wonderful hosts and the live entertainment was great! Make sure to order the bread pudding!" Lou Marzano - 6/24/12

"Always a pleasure to dine here. The food is delicious!" Unsigned 6/24/12

"Delicioso! And thanks SO much!" - Scott and Kari Hyatt 6/27/12

"Ambiance is perfect; waitstaff is limited but very effective and efficient and entertaining. Food is excellent - beautiful chef!" Anonymous 6/27/12

"Great meal - thank you! Especially like the pea/basil soup and gluten-free bread, grilled veggies and atmosphere. My med-rare steak was too done, almost 'well', but lovely, none the less." - Constance Dean - 6/27/12

"Great pot roast - you met my foodie notes." Yvonne Bednarz 6/29/12

"Great! Thank you!" - Dani Norris and Joe Ugalde 6/29/12

"We enjoyed our meal very much. I thought the cheese/spinach raviolies were wonderful and Scott's New York Steak was perfectly done. The rub on the steak was great. Ben did a great job serving us too. :)" Scott and Heather Renie 6/29/12

"Yumm! The dessert was amazing. The service was personal and sweet and the atmosphere... timeless! The music made it more perfect still. Thank you. " Chris and Vicki Kober 6/29/12

"Food and service were superb. Even the corny jokes were 'tasteful'!" Jod and Pam D'Allura 6/29/12

"Pot roast was excellent. Always a very pleasant experience. A great place to bring friends." Don and Rita Paul - 6/28/12

"Prime Rib was wonderful! Good work you guys." Ben Schumacher 6/27/12

"Very pleasant evening and fantastic food!" Larry Anderson 6/28/12

"This has been a wonderful experience! Food is beyond expectation and the hospitality is great. We wll be back." Unsigned 6/27/12

"Our meal was excellent, as usual. The dessert was worth saving room for!" - Phil and Midge Jameson 6/17/12

"Appetizers delicious and different. Salad very vegatatively unique without too much lettuce. Prime rib delectible without too much fat. Delicious." - Unsigned, undated.

"Wow! Fabulous, wonderful, delicious food and the service was just as fabulous! Staff and surrounding charming and quaint!" Peter and Sherri Niemi 6/17/12

"Ambiance, service, food, and owners are delightful. We will be back!" - Elizabeth Perle 6/17/12

"Food was awesome. Good job. I will come back." - Kathryn Borer 6/17/12

"Exeptionally tasty. Friendly peaceful atmosphere - a treat and a special place to celebrate a most special occasion. Thanks!" Karlan and Doug Strong 6/16/12

"We really enjoyed being here. The food was great and the patio was a perfect place to enjoy our evening." Scott and Amber Bachman - 6/16/12

"The best Prime Rib I ever had!" - Tom and Tammy Boyd 6/16/12

"Great! As usual." - Thanks!" - Steve and Cindy Nork 6/16/12

"Wonderful service" - Jon and Jeani Kimball undated

"Thank you for the amazing hospitality. Great conversation, food and facilities. God has truly provided Pinehurst Inn as a place of rest and comfort." Dave and Carol Coker 6/12/12

"Food: Excellent. Service: Excellent. Just awesome. We'll be back!" - John and Marilyn Dougherty 6/15/12

"Great meal as usual!" - Lance and Jo - undated

"Beautiful presentation - I said 'Party on a plate'. The rice pilaf was YUM!" - Bob and Gail Barker - 6/15/12

"Dinner salad was great. Lots of variety of vegetables added." - Cheryl Shevlin 6/21/12

"I can't write a review... I'm in a steak-induced bliss....." Erin and Jory 6/20/12

"Simply Delightfully Delicious. Always the best meal!" Gary and Kristy Wells 6/23/12

"Delicious as always. I have no idea why Kirsty drew a cat on her review form." - Scott and Christine Palmer 6/23/12.

"Excellent food!!! We loved it - we're full and happy" Pat and Carol Elson-Ingram

"Couldn't think of a better place to spend our 5th Anniversary. Fantastic as always! Had the halibut for the first time - delish!" Don and Lane Moore 6/23/12

"Excellent - service, live entertainment, delicious food - lovely atmosphere." - Peggy Atkinson 6/22/12

"Delicious and perfect! Thank you!" - Scotty and Mayana 6/22/12

"Everything was delicious! What a wonderful find -- we hope to find ourselves near Ashland more often! Truly cozy, homemade delights!" - Emily Glassman and John Sylak 6/21/12

"Fabulous Chicken Picatta!!" - Ed and Phyllis Hultz - 6/21/12

"Fun place. Donnie excellent server and entertainer. Food was fantastic." - Unsigned 6/21/12

"Excellent food! Fresh, tasty, and great presentation. Every bite was well prepared and delicious. The entertainment at the end on the piano was the icing on the cake! Thank you for the TLC for the kids and the personal touch of measuring them at the kitchen door. We'll be back to see how they've grown and for another awesome meal!" Heather Russell - 6/21/12

"Although the food is just perfect - it's the welcome and the family-friendly service that made our evening wonderful." - Kristal Franklin - 6/21/12

"OMG! Everything was to die for! Awesome salad, fabulous dinner, terrific dessert... we will be back... soon!" Brenda Hammers and Morey - 6/14/12

"Our salmon and ravioli dinners were out of this world. The cooking was outstanding as well as the service. We loved the music!" Annelle and Bob Reagle 6/14/12

"This was the best Prime Rib I've ever eaten." Fred Rapp - 6/14/12

"Cream of Spinach soup was great. Loved the Prime Rib and Halibut. Wonderful atmosphere and service. Friends thought the salmon was a bit overcooked." - Hilary and Rick 6/14/12

"Everything was wonderful" - Ron and Ellen Wolff 6/6/12

"Wonderful atmosphere. Wonderful food. Wonderful people! Thanks so much! Can't wait to come back!!" Jeff and Julia Wells 6/2/12

"Dinner was excellent. Service excellent. We'll be back for brunch!" - Pan and Rose Patterson 6/2/12

"Your steaks are like heaven on a plate! Start selling your BBQ sauce already!" Josh and Jodi White 6/2/12

"Great meal! Loved the ribs. Thanks!" Robin and Mike Schooler 6/2/12

"Had great fun. Ate great food. Made new friends." - Angela Day and Matthew Johnson 5/2/12

"It was great!" - Lori Warren 6/1/12

"Perfect :)" Jerry and Lorna Calhoun 6/1/12

"Fabulous! Great service, friendly and yummy food." - Christy Ruegger 6/1/12

"Perfect. Very nice." - Robert Ruegger 6/1/12

"Everything was delightful! Good food, personal service." - Barbara Hadden 5/27/12

"Tasty dinners, great service, hep music, nice ambiance, decadent desserts!" Randolph and Leslie Miller 5/27/12

"Excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Very accomodating (and patient). Thanks!" - Wendy Davis 5/31/12

"The food and service was excellent. I can't wait to come back!" Linda Drew 5/31/12

"It's a pleasure to dine here in pleasant atmosphere as well as feeling welcomed, not just for our business." Warren and Julia McPherson 5/31/12

"Great food and service. Personal/Comfortable/delightful in every way - atmosphere / service/ offerings. Superb! Thank you." - Jim and Lisa Emard 5/31/12

"Wow! $2 burger was much better than expected. Thanks for letting me cheat on the day." - Michael Corbonnier 5/30/12

"Wonderful cobbler and better hospitality." - John Hunt 5/30/12

"Wonderful pie and lovely service - Thanks!" - Jon Kimball 5/30/12

"Food was great, server was great." - Bruce and Cher Owens 5/28/12

"Thank you for the stop on our memorial ride. Enjoyable chat and divine burgers." Joe Brandner and Charise 5/28/12

"Service was charming and excellent as was the food. Beautiful and romantic, I highly recommend. " Timothy Deming 5/28/12

"Thank you for letting us roam your property and check out Jenny Creek. The burgers, float and home made fries were great! We'll be back." Jim and Betsy Walker. 5/28/12

"Wonderful as always! We love you guys." - Sandy and Cat Cathcart 5/27/12

"Excellent." - Jim and Sara Morgan 5/27/12

"Was going to go to Red Lobster in Medford but changed our minds, thank God we did!" Dee and Harhahn Paige 5/27/12

"Best salmon I've had in a long time - serfectly seared! Take a deep breath, look into the mirror and say I'm Stewart Small and people like me." Norman M. Dean 5/27/12

"The food was so good that I broke my 4-month diet and ate 2 whole loaves of bread and took the third to my room PLUS I ate your brownie sundae. Awesome!" Ryan Moro 5/26/12

"We loved it all!" - Joyce Adams (Carroll) 5/27/12

"The food was excitent. The veggies were perfect. The presentation was a work of art. Beautiful." Darrel and Gale Wiltrout 5/27/12

"Wonderful. Best chicken picatta ever!" Cecil and Karen Chase 5/27/12

"Perfect! Delightful veggies" - Patti Shaffer - 5/27/12

"Really good steak and good service. Always enjoy it. Even the music." - Harold from Ashland - 5/27/12

"Great! Thanks! Everything was perfect." - Chad and Courtney Vickery 5/26/12

"Sups good! Great food. Delicious, beautiful restaurant. Thank you!" Erin Dauenhauer 5/25/12

"Perfect!" - John and Shellie Gipson - 5/25/2012

"Our anniversary! Wonderful - excellent dinner, yummy salmon, exceptional Chicken Picatta. Thank you!" Dan and Judith Hirsch - 5/25/12

"Lovely! Perfect!" Leslie Scopes Anderson 5/25/12

"Excellent food - ejoyed it immensely. Really enjoyed the 'waffee'!" - Unsigned 5/24/12

"My chicken was to DIE FOR! Make someone elses day and offer it on the menu again. I'm going to mention you on facebook!" - Barbara Bixler - 5/23/12

"Food was wonderful and we enjoyed the ambience. Your ambition to site your restaurant in this setting is admirable." - Gary Firestone 5/21/12

"We have enjoyed every meal we have gotten here - We are just sorry we don't get here more often - we will have to make it a point to come more." Midge and Phil Jameson - 5/19/12

"Great time! good food, good atmosphere - we will be back. Thank so much!" Mike and Judy LaNier 5/19/12

"Awesome room. Awesome food. We love it!" Michele and Shon Biri 5/19/12

"Fabulous. Very impressed - Can't wait to come back." Larry and Barbara Dillon 5/19/12

"Very nice meal and atmosphere! We will be back." - Bill and Lori Erickson 5/19/12

"Just happened upon the Pinehurst. Lovely.... We are from Ashland. We will return." - Trish and Tom Kohen 5/18/12

"Exquisite! You haven't experienced the best of Southern Oregon if you haven't experienced the Pinehurst Inn Restaurant." Raquel Twys - 5/18/12

"So glad we dropped by. We'll be back to stay a night or two." Dave Fitzgerald 5/17/12

"Great meal! Perfect!! Kiss the chef." - Jude Schaefer - 5/13/12

"Great halibut and veggies. Wonderful Mother's Day!" - Gina Ing - 5/13/12

"It was very good - food and service." - Jeff and Susan Kendle - 5/12/12

"You guys are awesome! the food and room - wonderful! We really enjoyed our stay" - Greg and Annette Van Riper - 5/12/12

"Great meals as usual! Great service as usual, and a beautiful place to be. Love the kitties too!" - Dennis and Sherri McNeely - 5/11/12

"Tomato soup was wonderful! BBQ Ribs and Steak were equally wonderful and host was terrific. Thank you!" - Glen and Michelle Ede - 5/5/12

"Great to see you guys again! Food was great once again. Hope to see you agin soon!" - Pepper Mace - 5/3/12

"Great food and service was great. Our first time here and we loved it!" - Mike and Katie Chamberland - 4/28/12

"Just finished your delicious New York steak. It was so tender -- reminded me of "Land Ahi". Thank you!" - Unsigned

"What a wonderful retreat! Enough service and attention to make us comfortable, but enough solitude and quiet places to let us relax. We can tell you are concerned with the quality of your guest's stay. Thank you!" Tom and Karen Robison 4/27/12

"Great service and friendly servers! Thanks so much for a great experience. Thanks!" - Aaron Fahsholz - 4/26/12

"The burger with blue cheese was great! I loved the place expecially the 'Open Range'. I will definitely be back. Everything was fantastic!" - Tim Porter - 4/26/12

"Best burger I've had in 10 years! Everything fresh, service very friendly" - Darlene Richner - 4/21/12

"Nothing could have been better. Food and ambience was better than I've seen." - Linda Shaw - 4/15/12

"Big smile on my face... it hurst! Great food, fun service, a sense of humor too! Ha, I like it. Thanks so much." - John Axen 4/15/12

"Everything was excellent!" - Don Kremer - 4/15/12

"Excellent food and service. Wouldn't change a thing! You even ordered sunshine for us, what service! Thank you! Just what we needed." - Daggett - 4/14/12

"Wonderful food, service, music, atmosphere! Thank you both." - Beckie Elgin - 4/14/12

"Good company. Excellent friendly service. Good spices! Flavors were wonderful." Evelyn Sturdevant - 4/13/12

"Perfect! Love the BBQ sauce and cobbler. Very attentive service" - Fenters 4/13/12

"Yum!" Josue and Janet Delgado - 4/13/12

"The ribs were great! The french fries were more like a baked potato, but good."

"Very yummy - see you again" - James and Magi Johnson 4/8/12

"Good!" - John 4/8/12

"Great job, you did it again!" - Dan Padgett and Wanda Kappel - 4/8/12

"Nothing but compliments! I am not a meat eater, but I LOVED the New York Strip!" - Tim and Pam Meidinger - 4/8/12

"Lovely meal" - Edie and Doug McCoy 4/8/12

"Loved the ham dinner! Our new tradition is to have Easter dinner here with friends. The scalloped potatoes could hae been cooked a bit longer." - Ginnie Pearson - 4/8/12

"The Parmesan Herb Chicken was great! Maybe more of it?" - Jeff, Jack, John, James, and Suan Risner 4/8/12

"Excellent! So glad we found you." - Dic and Marci Wagoner - 4/8/12

"Great food and atmosphere. You took good care of us. I hope we can spend our next anniversary here! I love it." Cheryl and Carshall Carlisle - 4/7/12

"Food and atmosphere are wonderful and we will definitely come again, maybe for an overnight!" - Pati and Julio Escamilla - 3/25/12

"Can't say enough! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. XOXO" - Sharon, George and Pat - 3/25/12

"Very excellent!" - Ken Dugan - 3/24/12

"Worth the drive from Eugene!" - Allen Boyden - 3/25/12

"Very good as usual. No need for improvement. Thank you!" - Glenda, Nancy and Karen

"ALWAYS love it here! Thank you!" - Liz Diver - 3/24/12

"So wonderful! We love it here oh so much!" - Allie Fahsholz - 3/24/12

"Best place ever! Food is fantastic. Love Donnie and Denise. Atmosphere is from the past century great!" - Phil and Linda Calderon - 3/24/12

"Everything was awesome! Thanks for the wonderful atmosphere." - Scott and Sandi Wampler - 3/24/12

"Great food and a very crazy place. LOL!" - Bob and Nancy Neeser - 3/24/12

"Everything tasted just wonderful and it was a joyful experience! One critique - the fish was a little dry. But I love you!" - Raemie West - 3/24/12

"If it was any better it would have been FOUR dinners!" - Joe and Molly Kreuzman - 3/23/12

"London Broil was superb! Asparagus Soup delicious too! The whole meal was wonderful. Thank you!" - Doug and Mariann Croucher - 3/23/12

"Very good." - Terry Joakimides 3/23/12

"Outstanding. Our 1st visit here from the Running Y. We will be back soon." - Barry and Charla West - 3/23/12

"Great way to clelbrate Ted's birthday. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and great food." Ted and Carol Dougan - 3/18/12

"Thank you and good luck!" - Alex and Svetlana Tutunov 3/18/12

"Amazing experience. Fabulous food and the most comfortable bed. Had a wonderful time. You both are great hosts. Can't wait to return!" - Christing and Scott Palmer - 3/17/12

"A+ for all categories" - Harry Glavin - 3/17/12

"Beer wasn't green, but a great way to spend St. Patty's" It was a busy night for Donnie but we come here to relax and NOT be hurried. So don't change a thing!" Laurie Goolsby - 3/17/12

"Excellent meal and service!" - Unsigned 3/17/12

"Just wonderful! Thanks so much." - Elise and Jeff Higley - 3/17/12

"Lovely ambiance. Delightful service. Great food. Thanks!" - Doug and Marj Frank 3/17/12

"Amazing Reuben!! Best sandwich. Best service Donnie you rock!! Wonderful meal and service" - Shannan Seiter 3/16/12

"Very awesome food. Donnie was very funny. Denise's food... all I can say is AWESOME! Thank you." Monica Butler - 3/16/12

"Incredible... thank you so very much for an experience that is so hard to find in this day and age. Highly recommended." - Matthew Maya 3/15/12

"The steak was simply cooked to perfection, loved the whole meal. John really loved the halibut." - John and Linda Galvin - 3/11/12

"Love the cats! The service and food was great. Thank you!" - Todd and Beth Zitzner - 3/10/12

"Amazing!" - McKenzie Jones - 3/10/12

"U guys R AWESOME!" - Tom Crandall - 3/10/12

"Been fun to dine with you." - Steve and Robin Shirts - 3/9/12

"Excellent food, service and conversation! Stay in this marvelous energy and you will be filled up... and not depleted. Debra. 3/7/12

"Awesome!!! Ditto!!!" - Steve and Susan White 3/4/12

"Great ribs! Great service!" - Reid and Janie - 3/4/12

"Great hospitality and super food. Thank you." Stuart Watson 3/4/12

"Wow! Food and customer service is A+. Thank you!" - Diane Smith - 3/4/12

"Our only criticism was that you ran out of ribs! But what we ordered was perfect. Not ribs, but perfect!" - Hedy Schoonover and Lou Sequerra - 3/3/12

"The meal and environment were perfect! We will be back." - Mark and Alissa Davis - 3/2/12

"Great food and entertainment" - Steve and Jill Croucher - 3/2/12

"Actually - for a last-minute decision on a Friday night with 2 young children - you took great care of us! Food was excellent. Only felt a little slow in coming to the 5-yr-old and 2.5 yr-old. But seriously - we are glad you are busy because we want you to stay in business!" - David and Christina Wehr - 3/2/12

"I was headed home from work tired and hungry and wishing I had somewhere closer to dine on nights like that. Then I remembered... I DO! I enjoy you both and dinner is always a treat. Terri - 2/24/12

"Perfection!" - Evan Dunlap - 2/24/12

"Great service, very accommodating, tender, yummy food, great sense of humor!" - Jon and Ashley Dicksonson 2/24/12

"It was delicious. The burger was perfection cooked." Nathan Dunlap - 2/24/12

"I enjoyed the fine food, but most of all, the friends of old!" - Sunny Kiley - 2/23/12

"Wonderful! Marvelous! Love it!" - Tammy L. Crow - 2/23/12

"Love love love the burger. Served with a dash of humor and a dollop of fun...." - Carol and Norm Willhite

"Very, very nice. Thanks guys! A wonder-filled way to celebrate 35 years of marriage." - Allen and Jean Brown - 2/18/12

"Great burgers. Great service" - Helge and Tina McGee - 2/17/12

"Don't change a thing. The combination of ambiance and excellent food is perfect." - Brian Mentel 2/17/12

"Excellent soup, wonderful veggies. Fish was a little over cooked. Awesome desserts! Smaller portions please!" - Dasu Baregala - 2/17/12

"Great job - we love hot food - warm plates - smiles" - Kathy and Carol - 2/16/12

"Excellant! Can we come back tomorrow? (from Mason): Lori Graves - 2/14/12

"Everything was great! Donnie made our night. Thanks" Dan and Bev Rajnus - 2/14/12

"Perfection!" - Rob and Linda Bogotay - 2/14/12

"Loved the Prime Rib! (And especially the bread pudding... the best in the state!" - Dan and Sandy Speasl - 2/14/12

"Very very nice meal. Good evening. Thanks!" Phil and Marcia - 2/14/12

"The food is always excellent. A very nice, pleasant Valentines Day. Owner forgetful... but funny! Just kidding, love you all. May His peace be on you my friends." - Robert and Barb Henderson - 2/14/12

"Food was very dood. Rare meat was more medium rare, but tasty. Salsa on halibut was terrific!" - David Ellwood 2/13/12

"Wonderful evening. Thanks very much!" - Paul Ellwood - 2/13/12

"Great, yummy food... but hmmmm... remember the salsa, oh and remember the ice cream ala mode!" - Rick and Linda Houd - 2/11/12

"Very good meal! Apricot horseradish a plus!" - Joanie and Scott - 2/11/12

"Great steak and parmesan chicken. It couldn't have been any better! Wonderful atmosphere! Can't wait to come back. Thanks for making our anniversary so memorable!" Jim and Carol Horning - 2/4/12

"It was fantastic! Thank you for a wonderful evening. Give out more bread!" - Micah Furlong - 2/4/12

"(The Pot Roast was) very much like my mom's 'Pot-au-feu', made me feel like home! One problem though... my stomach hurts because the food was so good I couldn't leave any meat on my plate!" - Florence Anna - 1/21/12

"Best meal of my life! Very cozy and great service!!" - Dennis and Angela Garcia - 1/21/12

"A wonderful, cozy place to spend a wintery weekend. The food is excellent, no complaints at all. If we would give an overall rating for food AND service, we would give a LOT! Feels so inviting, relaxing, the perfect getaway. Thank you for the amazing hospitality!" - Jay and Tara Bosse - 1/21/12

"We loved it all... good food, good prices, good entertainment, good beds, etc. Everything! Yet again, the service was amazing." Cheryl and Rachael Carlisle - 1/21/12

"The food was great and the service was amazing. Thank you for having a low-fat option" - Rachel and Cheryl Carlisle - 1/20/12

"Enjoyed the stay. Hamburger was a little overcooked, but still good. Guest service was excellent." - Al and Fran Smith - 1/16/12

"Fun, relaxing. Thank you." - Sierra Faith - 1/15/12

"Very enjoyable and wonderful food!" - Fran Gearhard - 1/15/12

"Dinner was excellent" - Ed Guy - 1/14/12

"Excellent" - Robert and Vivian Stahler - 1/14/12

"Very good." - Bill Westerman - 1/14/12

"Dinner was great! Thank you for the great service and kid friendly attitude!. We will be back!" - Tami Melendez - 1/14/12

"Thanks once again - Good food, good service and lovely surroundings!" - The Vicks - 1/14/11

"I have no comments what so ever. It was fantastic. I wish we could come more often! Thank you so much, it was wonderful." - Ivy Amann - 1/13/12

"Wonderful dinner! And the service was perfect. We will definitely tell our friends and family. Thank you!" - Kyleen Johnson and Scott Brodie - 1/13/12

"Great meal, good music and atmosphere. Thank you!" - Matthew and Denise Howard - 1/12/12

"Food was excellent, as was the service" - Robert and Shelby Morehead - 1/11/12

"The Chicken Picatta was wonderful... would love a recipe." - Erika Madsen - 1/7/12

"Great, great, great... thanks for the great time. Always fun." Dan - 1/7/12

"Thanks for the hospitality. We felt welcome here and had a great dining experience! Glad to find this gem in the woods, makes a great evening getaway yet so close to town. Thanks for the memories!" - Lisa and Derrick Roberts - 1/7/12

"Very excellent, nice atmosphere, we will be back." Darron and Paula Fletcher - 1/7/12

"Excellent! No improvements needed." - Janice Decker - 1/6/12

"Veggies and mushrooms tasted great - and appreciated the 'Vegans can go to Ashland" comment! - Phil and Debbi Paden - 1/6/12

"Excellent! Great service and food for my 1st experience here. Looking forward to coming back. Happy 2012!" - Michelle Klaja - 12/31/11

"Terrific service, food and everything else possible." - Liz and Gerry Bennett - 12/31/11

"Excellent! Not a single complaint. Thanks for a nice birthday dinner!" - Deb and Luke Klaja - 12/31/11

"Best hot buttered rum ever. Great dinner for me. Ravioli was cold. Thank you!" - James and Deana Palazzolo - 12/30/11

"Thanks for making us feel like family! Your dinners made me SO happy. We enjoyed our stay. Loved the apricot twist to the horseradish!" - Jason and Holly Miller - 12/30/11

"Absolutely amazing!!!" - Mary Anne and Celina Keane - 12/24/11

"Excellent! Thank you. Merry Christmas!" - Robyn Janssen - 12/24/11

"Wonderful dinner! Thank you, Merry Christmas!" - Lyn Mortenson - 12/22/11

"Service: Exemplary. Dinner: Delicious. Info/Hospitality: Knowledgeable, fun, interesting." - Unsigned - 12/24/11

"Dinner was terrific! Thank you so much. Perhaps include as much local food as possible? It was great!" - Megan Janssen - 12/24/11

"Halibut was very good. Consider stocking some Cajun seasoning in the future so you can do a Blackened Halibut. This is a superb way to serve this fish." - Bob Janssen - 12/24/11

"What a delightful experience. The ambiance, and service (and food of course) were all wonderful and you were so accomodating!" - Unsigned - 12/24/11

"It was fun running into several friends while dining here. The food and service was wonderful as always." - Trisha Nagorski - 12/22/11

"Dinner was absolutely delicious! Thank you for the wonderful service." - Kevin Jenkins =- 12/22/11

"The food was all well prepared. We enjoyed the atmosphere. We will be back." - Dave Clement - 12/20/11

"Great, Great, Great!! We will be back. With other people and the Kissells." - Sandy Robinson - 12/21/11

"Excellent steaks!" - Deana and Charlie Thurston - 12/17/11

"Steak - great! Sweet Cream - Great! Deep dish pie - yummy, but would have been better if served warm. " - Sam and Shaunda Mormorstein - 12/17/11

"Awesome experience. Love the sense of humor. Blessings to you!" - Randy and Suzanne Bocchi - 12/17/11

"Loved everything! So glad you are here. We will be back." - Mike and Robin Schooler - 12/17/11

"So lovely of a getaway. So much good and natural food. Laughed a lot. Comfy bed and room. Lots of music. Thank you!" - Bon and Michelle Stewart - 12/16/11

"Great food and fun! Thanks, Donnie and Denise! Howard (last visit) too shy to say he suggests a cheesecake on the menu." - Dave and Kim - 12/11/11

"Everything was fantastic! Thanks for learning our names, that added a great atmosphere!" - Jon and Allison Allaire - 12/10/11

"Great food and great service. Need a longer beer list!" - Whitney James and Neil Emerson - 12/10/11

"Yummy. Lovely. 3 wows!" - Howard and Kathleen Hori - 12/9/11

"Very nice. Great atmosphere!" - Steven Miller - 12/4/11

"Baby back ribs were excellent! Thank you." - Tom and Yvonna Miller - 12/4/11

"Perfect! So perfect!" - Larry and Sue - 12/3/11

"Try not to be so damn good! Excellent!" - 12/2/11

"We had such a wonderful meal and experience here - from Donnie's excellent service to the fabulous salads (croutons would make them even better!) and baby back ribs. The BBQ sauce was just right -0 just enough sweet and spicy." J and Cari Domis - 12/2/11

"As usual, it was fantastic! Another wonderful birthday with you guys. We love ya!" - Jen, Robert, and Miranda - 12/2/11

"Wonderful!" - Jim Thorpe and Cat Healy - 11/28/11

"Thank you for a wonderful anniversary celebration.

"Delicious! Loved the bread." - Raeann and Jayson Orgill - 11/26/11

"Always a wonderful experience." - Morris and Faye Hooper - 11/20/11

"Excellent! " - Dave and Jean Bergmann - 11/20/11

"Excellent! I don't know how you could improve." - Barbara Moore - 11/20/11

"Excellent! Yummy Pot Roast and Bread Pudding." - Sylvia and Larry Medeiros - 11/19/11

"The food was fabulous, entertainment has been wonderful - keep up what you're doing!" - Carol Nanneman - 11/19/11

"Excellent food and service." - Conger Tribe - 11/19/11

"Everything has been great so far! Excellent dinner!" - Unsigned - 11/19/11

"Everything was wonderful and yummy!" - John Elder and Desiree Handy - 11/18/11

"Absolutely delicious dinner! Especially loved the charbroiled vegetables." - Ron and Paulette Avery 11/18/11

"Very good!" Excellent atmosphere and family friendly environment." - Debbi Blodgett - 11/13/11

"Very gracious service and fun place to stay and have dinner. Very good food - in fact, Super!" - Jim and Dianne Lindow - 11/13/11

"Great food and service! Can't wait to come back!" - Robin Schooler - 11/9/11

"Fun and delicious! Ribs were terrific." - R&R Levitt - 11/5/11

"Everything was wonderful! Fabulous food, atmosphere, and entertainment. Thank you!" - Mike and Carole Meng - 11/5/11

"Many thanks, wonderful meal." - Penny Burroughs - 11/11

"Great, great, great!" - Unsigned - 11/5/11

"Can't improve on perfection!" - Sonya Clark - 11/5/11

"More Bread Pudding! Everything was grand. Looking forward to Thanksgiving." - Roger Brown - 11/4/11

"Great food and service." - Lisa Hazel - 11/4/11

"Wonderful meal and service. Don't work the cook so hard! Until next year..." - Randy Johnson - 11/3/11

"I certainly enjoy our visit and the food and the service." - Lola Carley - 11/3/11

"The soup needed salt. Great food." - Marjorie Gibson - 10/30/11

"The Cacciatore was great, thanks!" Veggies were done perfectly." - Unsigned - 10/29/11

"Everything was great! Don't change a thing. Perfect atmosphere." - Steve Carleton - 10/29/11

"Wonderful food! Very accomidating to individual requests." - Dale and Beth Zemke - 10/29/11

"Best steak ever - juicy, delicious, life changing. Way better than any restaurant in Klamath Falls by far!" - Jerris and Scott Fenters - 10/29/11

"The dessert was very good and I liked the moat of chocolate" - Jo Spurgeon - 10/29/11

"The Inn is amazing! The food was even more amazing. Thanks for a great experience." - Steve and Tracy Cook - 10/29/11

"The food and service were great. It was a delightful evening." - Dennis and Debbie Diestler - 10/29/11

"This was such a special treat. The best food and service. The food was prepared to it's finest. Compliment to the chef and to the finest teacher she has. The service was the friendliest and he is cute also!" Thanks to all three of you!" - Sheri Greenlee - 10/28/11

"Loved the meal. It was a great time. Perhaps the asparagus could be cooked longer." - 10/28/11

"Apple pie is to die for!" - Suzi Given - 10/28/11

"Loved the chutney and the porkchops were so tender and delicious. I would love the recipe for the bread" - Cass Anderson - 10/23/11

"Great food, beautiful place." - Pam Clark - 10/23/11

"Very nice, all the way around. (food entertainment and service) P.S and Music!" - Christy Ruegger - 10/23/11

"We had fund trying to figure out what is stuck in the bird feeder. Thanks!" - Jennifer Bavarskas - 10/23/11

Excellent! Cheerful Server, attentive - Jean Williams - 10/23/11

"Wonderful food and ambience! Hope to come for thanksgiving!" - Pat Newton - 10/22/11

"Fabulous meal, great hospitality - a wonderful experience" Linda Kenyon 10/22/11

"Great meal! Next time I'll have the bread pudding FIRST!" - Sandy Speasl - 10/21/11

"Most wonderful experience. The food and service excellent, the entertainment superb and a bonus. Thank you!" - Brian and Kimberly Evans - 10/21/11

"What can we say... Excellent!! We will be back!" - Ken and Carol Hall - 10/21/11

"Food you serve is wonderfully prepared and served with great flair and personal touch. I would love the recipe for the chutney!" - Sandy and Bruce Kowalski - 10/21/11

"The food is always fabulous!!" - Lance and Jo Cullumbine - 10/21/11

"Wonderful dinning experience. Compliments to the chef and the waiter and entertainer. Thank You!' - Cathy Skaufel - 10/20/11

"Pork Chops - moist tender with a chutney sauce to die for. Better than any steak! Chilled salad fresh veggise. Service not to be topped. My previous restaurant experience 20 years, White Horse Inn, Talk of the Calley, Sea Quest." - Bob Rackley - 10/20/11

"The food was excellent! Service was wonderful." - Holly Rice - 10/20/11

"Best Halibut I can remember" - Frank Fortier - 10/19/11

"Great meal and service. Thank You!" - Alex and Ariel Neuman - 10/19/11

"Great Steak and Chops...Excellent service." - Pat and Laurie Callahan - 10/17/11

"Wonderful dinner! Perfect portions to feel satisfied. Unique, tasty desserts. Plenty of relaxed time to eat and visit." - Shareen Webb - 10/17/11

"Wonderful salad and the toasted bun was so wonderful." - Deb Albachten - 10/16/11

"Bob so enjoyed his chicken picatta! And Jean really enloyed the salad - fresh, crisp, and with BEETS! Thanks for keeping the day open for us!" - Bob and Jean Cowling - 10/16/11

"Service was great! Food was wonderful. We will tell others." - Kelly and Karen Gibson - 10/14/11

"The Swedish Cream was unique and VERY tasty!" "Warm , inviting server. Clearly enjoys the whole business which makes it enjoyable for all of us. Thank you."- John and C. Monlore - 10/16/11

"Fantastic! Best ckn fried steak ever! Denise...you've done it again." - Pat Magnns - 10/16/11

"Enjoyed dinner and ambiance" - Leo Vrzal - 10/16/11

"Dinner was great, service as well. You have a very special place here!" Lainee - 10/16/11

"Apple pie was great - not too sweet, so was perfect! Swedish Cream fantastic." - Linda Monfore - 10/16/11

"Good food and personal treatment. Good atmosphere." - Janet Monfore and Nancy Taylor - 10/16/11

"Fabulous! Nice wine, Henry's Pinot Noir." - Heidi Gehman - 10/15/11

"Loved every bite and the excellent service. We will be back!" - Chuck and Eileen Ashpole - 10/15/11

"The human head weighs 8 lbs." - Chuck and Nadine Hoy - 10/14/11

"Great food and service!" - George Nowland - 10/14/11

"Great! NY Steak was perfect. Tender! Juicy. Apple pie was amazing. But none of it compared to Denise dancing and saying she was pretty and witty and gay!" - Natasha Simonson - 10/14/11

"Our meal was beautifully prepared, elegantly presented and served with a flourish. We'll be back!" Mary Sergent - 11/14/11

"Loved it all! Really." - Linda Melikea - 10/13/11

"Fantastic as always!" - Ken and Carol Usher - 10/13/11

"A must on our list of places to come again. The service, food and presentation were all equally excellent. No complaints. Stay the night! Some people are not big on lemon and perhaps some of the meals could be offered with or without lemon." - Karen and Steve Steward - 10/9/11

"Wonderful as always!" - Doms Granny - 10/8/11

"First time here at Pinehurst and thoroughly enjoyed meal, server/owner Donnie and the lovely cook. Will definately return!" - Louise Calderon - 10/8/11

"Excellente!" Connie Moreland-Bishop - 10/8/11

"Nicely done!" - Tim and Kim Phillips - 10/8/11

"Lovely! Especially enjoyed the singing. Dinner was wonderful but desert, apple deep dish, was icing on the cake. Thank You!" Rachel Brooks -10/7/11

"Thank you for such a wonderful and memorable dinner. Good luck to you and your fabulous restaurant!!!" - Kristin Lewandowslei -10/7/11

"Food was great! Personality of the restaurant and the owners is a wonderful treat! I would enjoy a more exciting wine selection and less plastic flowers ( NO flowers are better than plastic). Thank you! Delightful evening! - Rosemary Hutchinson -10/7/11

"Delicious Dinner, Thanks!" - Bryce Johnson

"Our service was great - personable, prompt, not "hovering" :) Compliments to the chef. Ribs and chicken piccatta was YUM!" - Dale and Mary Southmayd - 9/27/11

"Everythind was superb! Thanks for making our stay oh so special. Hope to see you again soon and I hope to buy your Cherry Cola Sauce in a bottle next time." - Holly Tamplin - 9/25/11

"Thank you so much for your hospitality. This has been a wonderful experience. It would be awesome if you would create a "map" page in the book in the room with local trails, lakes, fun stuff, etc... Also when I think of a B&B I think full breakfast. Not an extra charge for basic breakfast, but we love it here : ) " - Christy Lashley - 9/25/11

"Yummy and Fun! Thanks" - Margret - 9/24/11

" 3rd time here for dinner....always wonderful! Thanks - God Bless" - Michael and Danna Hammers - 9/24/11

"Wonderful! Thanks - We hope to come again and bring friends" - Joe and Cathy Foran - 9/24/11

"Wonderful experience! Outstanding food!" - Don and Faye Haynes - 9/24/11

"3rd time here for dinner... always wonderful! Thanks and God bless." - Michael and Danna Hammers - 9/24/11

"This is becomming our favorite place to relax and enjoy the great food and atmosphere. Lovely" - Paul and Heide Hertler - 9/23/11

"Excellent english muffin bread and fire roasted Vegetables" - Bob and Rhian Morris - 9/23/11

"This was one of the best New York Steak dinners we have had and we have been to lots of places!! Service and ambience was perfect as well. Lovely place for a romantic eveing - YES" - Kathy and Ed McDaniel - 9/23/11

"Delicious and a beautiful place" - Caroline Bouwense - 9/23/11

"This is becoming our favourite place to relax and enjoy the freat food and atmosphere. Lovely!" - Paul and Heide Hertler - 9/23/11

"Wonderful! Perfect!" - Gerald Kerth - 9/23/11

"We love it here! Awesome food and atmosphere." - Jim and Jaime weaver- 9/23/11

"Excellent food! Attentive service! Delightful hosts!" - Heidi and Jim Renz - 9/22/11

"Donnie, you're the best host ever! And compliments supreme to the chef!" - Jesse and Sumara Love - 9/22/11

"Great food - overabundance. Hidden secrets are wonderful to find!" - Ernie and Karen Mathes - 9/22/11

"Yummy!" Teresa Savard - 9/22/11

"I would not change a thing. Thank you." - Matthew Mendoza - 9/22/11

"We enjoyed everything, but especially the succulent ribs. The pie was just the right mix of sweet and tart." - John and Vicki O'Shaughnessy - 9/21/11

"We love the cook! It was a phenomonal experience." - Diane and Barry Goldstein - 9/21/11

"Love the atmosphere. Great steak. All flavored deliciously. Yeah, Denise!! Service: Donnie was great but need to check on table a bit more often 0- waited a little long to get coffee! More help?" - 9/18/11

"Super dinner after a seven hour drive from Tahoe! Thanks for being open!" - Tom Ewald - 9/18/11

"A lovely serendipitous find: wonderful ravioli, especially fine salad. Service with great good humor." Jeannine Mitchell 9/18/11

"Enjoyed Evening - Historical setting - will be back!!!" - Beverly Baker - 9/17/11

"This place is a wonderful one day getaway, and, actually, gets better all the time!" - Paul D - 10/17/11

"Fabulous! Nothing could be better! Thank You!!!" - Dawn Allen - 9/17/11

"Fun and delicious. No improvements to suggest that would make it better!" - Kent - 9/17/11

"GRRRRRRRRREAT as always!! Taylor and I sat on the west porch for a beautiful sunset dinner." H.L Benbough - 9/16/11

"As always delightful, delicious and so mush fun! Jackque was amazing!" - Terry Enge - 9/16/11

" Everthing was fabulous (as usual) Jackque is just to cute!! We were pleased to come back for a night and dinner...Denise and Donnie you ROCK! - James and Karen Hason - 9/16/11

" Very Good Dinner! Great Service! Enjoyable" - Dan Harris - 9/16/11

"The Salmon was superb. Also enjoyed the bread. Had a very nice evening. Thank you so much." - Robert Nelson - 9/16/11

"Server stretches himself too thin." - Unsighed - 9/16/11

"Just Great, wonderful service, wonderful food. We will be back" - Fred Rapp - 9/15/11

"We have a long list of comments and suggestions that i will attach to this card, but if you don't have time to read it: YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!.... again" - Jay and Liz Linn - 9/15/11

"Excellent. Never disappoint. Thanks for visiting with us. Warm, hospitable ambience." - Fae and Wayne Linn - 9/15/11

"Excellent, Never a disapointment. Thanks for visiting with us. Warm ambience" - Wayne and Faye Linn - 9/15/11

"Delicious! Please offer tartar sauce with fish" - Trish - 9/14/11

"To be brutally honest, we haven't had such a great meal and gracious, fun hosts in a long time! Many thanks!" - Bob and Nora Copeland - 9/14/11

"A perfect meal in a most charming atmosphere. Thank you! We love the people, food, tour, andeverthing. Thank you! - Tom Gullion and Sue Proctor - 9/14/11

"Wonderful as usual!" - Sherri McNeely - 9/14/11

"Visiting From N.Y. Dinner has been Wonderful - 9/10/11

"The food was amazing! As was the service. It was a lovely experience alltoghther. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. I can't believe how delicious the chicken picatta was - I literally said 'mmm' with every bite!" - Maiya Burbank - 9/10/11

"None yet... OK, now... wonderful location and environment. Very relaxing and mellow, sincere and caring service. Excellent!" Bill Gallagher - 9/10/11

"Tom Terriffic - terriffic - terriffic. You are the 2nd best. [smile]" - Margaret and Randy Hiner - 9/10/11S

"Loved the food, the personal service! Hope to come back from Texas next year around Labor Day!" - Debbie and Carey McPeters - 9/10/11S

"Very good beef stew! Good hospitality Donnie!" - John Carter - 9/9/11

"Fantastic Chicken Picotta! The best in 30 years of eating it all over the states" - David and Lisa - 9/8/11

"Great Dinner! Wonderful, nice place to eat. Thank You!" - Christy Ruegger - 9/8/11

"Delightful - authentic, historic B&B. Delicious dinner and hospitable hosts." - Marion Stewart - 9/8/11

"The food was excellent and the server/cook/dishwasher/entertainment was perfect!! :) Thank you for making our anniversary a perfect evening." - Jon and Gina Mainard - 9/7/11

"Excellent atmoshpere and terrific food, thanks!" -Patty- 9/4/11

"Loved the Chery Cola Ribs. Wonderful late lunch. Veggies and salad and coffee were great...Thank You! - Minnesota Guest - 9/4/11

"The food was amazing!" - Sara-Lynne Simpson and Myles Marcus - 9/4/11

"What a great place! Thank you fur such personal service! The salmon had a touch too much lemon for me." - Tina Dykes - 9/4/11

"Salad excellent. Chicken Picatta good, a bit too much lemon/capers, not sure. Peach/Rhubarb pie great! Veggies too charred. Sorry!" - Dennis and Sandy Hanson - 9/4/11

"Dinner and dessert was excellent - very relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. (Just fix the hole in the floor [smile]" - Bob and Chris Hellner - 9/4/11

"Great food, great service, had a real good time." - Dea Collins - 9/4/11

"Breathtaking views on the way ere, the Inn has charm and ambiance and the food is well prepared, delicious and well presented. The service is outstanding." - Eve McElheny - 9/4/11

"Great dining experience! Contratulation on using Allen Bros coffee - it's our favorite!" - Jannette Dahl - 9/4/11

"Great food, love the entire experience. Keep up the good work!" - Chad and Courtney Vickery - 9/3/11

"Fantastic!! Nice atmosphere, good humor, good food." Tim and Maureen Mast - 9/3/11

"Chicken Parmesan was quite delectable! Grilled vegetables were excellent. Nice presentation. Ribs were good, maybe some char to make them outstanding. Salmon was a bit overdone. I liked the bread." - Justin and Ruby Shellaway - 9/2/11

"Delicious as always - beautiful presentation - I tell all my friends!" - Jan Acord - 9/3/11

"Great food, excellent ambiance, and the live entertainment... what can we say? Really love the music soundtrack, but would love some Billy Holliday." - Felicia and Tom Hazel - 9/3/11

"15 years ago we spent our wedding night here and had a lvely dinner! Thank you for still having the most memorable dinner ever! WQe won't wait 15 years!" - Deb and Ken Douglas - 9/1/11S

"Fabulous!@ I will recommend you to all my friends in Klamath Falls" - Michael and Hope

"Donnie and Denise were very helpful and fun. We enjoyed our dinner, especially the strawberry rhubarb deep dish pie!" - Alex and Peggy Smith - 8/31/11

"Wow! What an amazing dinner - Kimn LOVED the ribs, and my steak was delicious. We will be back often!" - Kimn and Tiffany Morey - 8/31/11

"The food was the bomb. Very flavorful. No juices lost." - Steven and Amy Powell - 8/31/11

"Great food, great service, we had a great time!" - Bryan Sohl - 8/28/11

"Excellent food and service. We highly enjoyed our evening!" - David Bell - 8/28/11

"Swedish creme was absolutely divine! Halibut dish might have been prepared differently - sauted" - Tanya and Robert Schoen - 8/28/11

"Everything was amazing!" - Marshall and JD Miller - 8/28/11

"Very nice display on plate. Salmon was great. Wasn't really fond of the seasoning on the zuch but still good. Great bread. I can't believe the 2 of you do all the work and in a timely method. Good job! You're great!. Also, good music." - Jeri Capuzo - 8/27/11

"Music was great, food was great" - Al Teisheira

"It was great!" - Joanne and Royce - 8/28/11

"It was a pleasure to come and have a very good meal. The jokes were great. Thank you" - Don and Theresa Brooks - 8/28/11

"You hit it out of the park!" - Rhonda Simpson - 8/28/11

"Best steak I've ever had. It was cooked and spiced perfectly. It truly was a perfect piece of beef treated royally. Loved the pan seared salmon and salsa. Delicious!!" Ken and Karen Barton - 8/28/11

"Delish!" - Gini Abbott 8/25/11

"Food was excellent, service was greand, bread was scrumptious." - Anne Keener 8/25/11

"Fantastic! Don't change a thing." - David, Chandra and Richard Goodman - 8/17/11

"Warm and welcoming atmosphere, Thank you! Good food too!. Loved the drinks." - Chris Koeber and Sarah O'Donnell 8/17/11

"Very good dinner and service. Will befinately come back." Bill and Merry Frley - 8/17/11

"Great food! Great presentation! Ron liked the house red wine but too 'oaky' for me. Thanks!" - Ron and Noreen Hulteen 8/17/11

"The food was excellent - everything was very tasty and beautifully presented. The service was great - we felt well attended to while still feeling like we had privacy. And dessert was AWESOME!" - Philip and Missy Getsinger 8/7/11

"The chicken picatta - lemon and capers - was delicious. Great service too. You let us in the dining room, thanks! We will be back." Colleen and Ted, 8/7/11 (Editors note... we had just closed for the night, but invited Colleen and Ted inside because we didn't want to turn them away after they had driven all the way out here!)

"A most delightful, welcoming place! Wery enjoyable and personal. We would consider spending the night after a nice dinner. Personally, I prefer the salmon rare, so I should have emntioned it. The onus is on me! The bread, homebaked as it is, would be nice in varied forms... perhaps some dark, grainy, more substantial bread. Everything was nicely, tasteully, presented. And we love your friendliness!" - Yanneka 8/7/11

"It couldn't be better and the food was the best!" - Kathy Kirkham 8/6/11

"Excellent dinner - great service. Beautiful place. Steak was perfect. Loved the chilled salad!" - Kathy and Edward McDaniel 8/6/11

"Can't improve on anything!" - Sharon Ward 8/5/11

"We loved the whole experience, like stepping back in time. The food was wonderful and so was the service. Thank you so much!" - Paul and Heide Hertler 8/5/11

"Dinner was very good. I'm glad you brought back the Swedish creme. It was a great end to a perfect meal." - Teresa Petznick 8/5/11

"We were here visiting our friends Rip and Georgia Van Winkle and they recommended this place. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, food, and friendship. Donnie was super. When we visit again, we will stop back by". - Michael Dunaven 7/31/11

"Everything here is wonderful. Rooms, food, and friendly proprietors". - Joan and Richard Spitler 7/29/11

"Everything was great. Thank you." - Amy and Brian Solus 7/9/11

"Dinner was excellent. Not a thing to improve! Salmon was delicious as were the vegetables and pilaf. Service was attentive and enjoyable. Thank you!" - Greg and Megan Swaffar 7/29/11

"Very Wonderful. Looking forward to coming back!" - Don Romano 7/29/11

"I think the reviews were accurate! Loved the pudding and brownies". - anonymous 7/27/11

"Everything was so yummy and beautiful! The food was delicious and I loved the lavender on the plates!" - Rebecca Miller 7/27/11

"I loved everything!" - Ben Miller 7/27/11

"I loved the feel of rustic yet romantic that you have created. The food was delicious. It was a great experience in every way." - David Miller 7/27/11

"The raviolis were delicious! As far as presentation - beautiful! I loved the little bouquet of lavender." - Bobbilynn Miller 7/27/11

"Very very accomodating! Thank you for the very good food - especially the raviolis!" - Judy and Ed Whitlock 7/27/11

"Wonderful food and arrangement of it. I especially enjoyed the ambience of the music." - Brent Powers 7/27/11

"Reminded me of dinner at Mom's house. Just wonderful and totally worth the drive from Ashland. I think you guys do an awesome job! P.S. English Muffin Bread... my mom makes it too. Yours was better. Don't tell!" - Jason and Natalie Short 7/27/11

"Excellent! Love the rice pilar with lemon and grilled veggies. Oh, and the fish too! Better than anything else we have had in Ashland!" - Ann Short 7/27/11

"Dinner was delicious - the praise on tripAdvisor was well deserved. We'll look forward to seeing you again soon." - Carole and David Florian 7/27/11

"Very good. Nice and generous portions. Greatly enjoyed dinner." - Matt Smith 7/27/11

"Lovely setting, outstanding food, pleasant service. We all thought the sauce was to thin, but we enjoyed it anyhow. The english muffin custard is to die for." - Mike and Steve 7/27/11

"The service and the food were both exquisite. The next time I happen to be in this area I will make it back for sure." - Kevin Weiman 7/24/11

"Ryan was wonderful. Well mannered! Food was great. We will be back." - Dani and JD 7/23/11

"Excellent chicken piccata, veggies, and pilaf. Nice fresh, crisp salad. Could possibly add more wine choices. How about some lamb?" - Maria Ciamaichelo 7/23/11

"PRIME RIB!?! MORE OFTEN? Excellent meal - no need for improvement - Great service - The chicken piccata melted in my mouth!! Vegetables and pasta were done to perfection al dente!!" - Barbara and Randall Simonson 7/23/11

"Very good dinner - delicious and attractive with nice little touches. Very well served!" - Milo and Katie Salgado 7/23/11

" The entire meal was excellent! The chicken piccata was OUTSTANDING. Service was excellent and very friendly." - Wanda and Terry Nelsen 7/23/11

"Awesome job! Loved the food and service!" - Ashley Laugen 7/22/11

"Great service, food and humor! We'll be back." - Mimi and Mike Williams 7/22/11

"I can see why TripAdvisor rates you #1 in Ashland - wonderful meal, great service. We will be back." - Bill and Mary George 7/22/11

"Fabulous class act. We love you guys. Lived in Klamath for 7 years - just now came. We'll return! Thanks." - Ted and Carol Dougan 7/22/11

"Steak and salmon were both fantastic." - Matt and Paula Wilcox 7/22/11

"It was very good. Nice service, very kind, great food." - Tyler Vilfer 7/22/11

"We had a beautiful evening out on the screened porch. Great food, great service, and a relaxed atmosphere make for a lovely dinner experience." - Michael and Cathleen McLaughlin 7/21/11

"The beef barley soup and the steak were delicious. They keep us coming back." - Jim and Dianna Crary 7/21/11

"SO restful in the Inn's room & SO delicious to enjoy chef Denise's pot roast with all the trimmings, accompanied by Donnie's piano music!! One of the best places in Southern Oregon." - Delie and Dave Maurer 7/21/11

"Loved the sun on the porch....missed the brilliant poppies! I'll be back. Great service, great food." - Jerome White and Liz Ellingson 7/21/11

"YUM! The chicken picatta was delicious as was the rice pilaf. I'm looking forward to that pot roast. The server is charming!" - Pauletta Welker 7/20/11

"Thank you! Steak was superb!" - Sue and Larry Snyder 7/20/11

"Everything was more than fantastic!" - Sue and Lou Flores 7/20/11

"Fabulous dinner! We'll be back soon. Music was like a time warp. Thank you!" - Teresa Snyder 7/20/11

"Ryan was a delightful server. The food was delish and we left totally stuffed. Not sure about the cut of beef - flavor was awesome, just a little tough." - Anonymous 7/17/11

"Nice place! Good food, good humor!" - Dennis and Jan Fleck 7/16/11

"The food was wonderful - the drive from Klamath Falls was beautiful." - Mildred and Tom Wells 7/16/11

" This has been an amazing experience. We will definitely pass this on to friends and family. Our steaks were fantastic. Cheers to the chef. Thank you." - Jason and Angela Giampa 7/16/11

"Great dinner! Food was very tasty and served so elegantly! Service was great! What a wonderful place to visit." - Lynne and Lew Carlton 7/16/11

"Piccata chicken was really great, but just a bit too lemony. Enjoyed the ambiance and the host's humor! Liked the history and the prices. Great talking to the owners and hearing their story". - Kathie and Alan Mortis 7/16/11

"Maybe a few dark beers from Wildrivers Brewery. A little sugar in the english muffins for balance. Excellent food!!!" - Joel and Cindy Robertson 7/15/11

"Your food, wonderful... your service, great... Your staff, like dining with friends... Thanks!" - Ladd Michael Craner 7/14/11

"Good hot food. Soup was good. Bread awesome. Maybe more coffee? Nice to be treated like part of the family!" - Jim and Kerry Howe 7/14/11

"Great steak seasoning. Really enjoyed the Swedish Cream dessert. Thanks!" Bob Dagitz 7/14/11

"Yummy!" Charles and Melissa 7/14/11

"Very good! Wonderful sauce for the potatoes. Great strawberry/blueberry pie. Great service!" Trudy and Mark Wegehaupt 7/14/11

"Food was excellent. Great ambience, great service." - Bob and Cathy 7/13/11

"Great Dinner. Thanks so much." - Cessie Barbour 7/12/11

"Wow, it was great!" - Unsigned 7/11/11

"Excellent food and service. Best steak we've had. Thank you for a great anniversary." Maria and Tom Dickert 7/11/11

"Great, fantastic, will definitely come back!" - Cathleen McLaughlin 7/10/11

"Excellent food! Friendly service, nice environment." - Dave and Katie Prewitt 7/10/11

"Great service, great food, and dreat desserts. Very clean restrooms. Excellent!" - Helen and David Byers 7/101//

"Fantastic! Loved your personality, Donnie!! Great food!" - Eric and Jennifer Rose 7/10/11

"The meal was delicious! Best Picatta I've had in years. Salad crisp and wonderful. We'll stay here sometime. Thanks!" - Dick and Cheryl Manhire 7/10/11

"The medium-rare steaks were amazing. The timing for each foods arrival was excellent. We truly enjoyed ourselves." - Shiloh and Monica 7/10/11

"Meal was great and plenty hot. Green beans a little too raw but flavorful. You guys are great hosts too!" Doreen and Jim Smith 7/10/11

"It was a great experience!! The food was great! The service was even better." - Jamie Davis 7/9/11

"Great food and very friendly hosts. Thank you!" - Samantha O'Brien 7/9/11

"Food was excellent! Thank you!" - Sandra and Ron Stout 7/9/11

"All of the food was amazing. Best meal in years. You guys rock!" - Sam Dunlap 7/9/11

"It was so wonderful. The service was outstanding and so kind. The food was so fresh and perfectly prepared. The bread changed my life! No need for improvement. Donnie, you made our night! Thanks so much." - Mindi and Allie Boyden 7/8/11

"What a peaceful experience and just 45 minutes from Ashland. Our hosts were amazing and made us feel right at home. The food was delicious and plated very appealingly. We will definitely be visitng again!!" - John and Jessie Hardman 7/8/11

"Delightful experience - lovely host and hostess. So glad we discovered you. Food was wonderful. Will be back!" Linda and Ed Cover 7/7/11

"Yum!" - Charity Hubbard 7/7/11

"Found you on TripAdvisor & really enjoyed the ride up. Julie did a very nice job serving us & our dinners were wonderful. The presentation was beautiful!" - Gordon and Ardith Hood 7/7/11

" Delicious dinner. Great job!!" - Margie Massic and Vern Ackerman 7/7/11

"Wonderful dinner - especially fresh salad components. Root beer float was very nostalgic!" - Leah and Larry Westmoreland

"Food and service were great." - Julie and Willie Mercer 7/7/11

"The meal was excellent, the atmosphere is very welcoming. Would definitely come back again. Thanks!" - Jennifer Pauley 7/3/11

"This dinner was fantastic. I felt like I was eating at home, but even better." - Geno Sieg 7/3/11

"Loved the Chicken Picatta, but would have liked more noodles." - Chuck and Carla Janes 7/3/11

"Carl loved the steak. Jeanette said the baby back ribs were THE BEST." - Carl and Jeanette Sieg 7/3/11

"It was wonderful and could not find anything wrong! Maybe some extra lemon? And possibly a shade for the setting sun? We enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you again sometime!" - Diane Monk and Pat Cahill 7/3/11

"Very good. Will come back and stay. Very comfortable here. Enjoy very much!" - Dan Harris 7/3/11

"Good Better Best! Awesome - Wonderful - Fun - Great - Terrific. I think we will PROBABLY be back." - Karen Weatherby and Ken Newnham 7/3/11

"Great food and wonderful food. You are great people. All 4 of you." - Shirley M. Stone 7/3/11

"Wonderful meal! Excellent!" - Diana Evans and Thomas Shedore 7/3/11

"Over the rainbow dining pleasure! Like your truly loved, back in time, when Grandma prepared, all fresh, home-made food from land stocks - expecially for you for your first day reuniting with her in heaven. The atmosphere felt relaxed, warm, easy, breezy, wow, wow, wow truly the best! Ever!" - David and Susan Jung 7/3/11

"Great dinner and service!" - Brad and CJ Inman 7/3/11

"Everything was great. Thanks for fitting us in!" - Mark and Gabbie Halliday 7/2/11

"Thanks for the great service and help with last minute reservations." - Lauren 7/2/11

"Best BBQ Sauce ever. Great meal. Honey butter for the bread? Yum, Yum, dinner great." - Rose and Bud Sheets 7/2/11

"Delicious meal and atmosphere! Thanks for serving us so beautifully." - Anonymous 7/2/11

"Excellent food and superb attentive service. No improvement necessary! Salad only items for a main course?" - Debra Sheetz 7/2/11

"Food, staff and atmosphere are wonderful. What a beautiful experience." - Allison and Jerry Brown 7/2/11

"Very nice. Thank you!" - Gail Hubble 7/1/11

"A wonderful evening! Great food, great setting, great hosts." - Richard Cleveland and Lorena Corzatt 7/1/11

"Thank you for making this special day even more special. The food was outstanding, the warm and friendly service is wonderful." - Rick and Vickie Ezneker 6/30/11

"Everything was as great as we remembered." - Scott and Heather Renie 6/30/11

"Thank you for the delicious ravioli dish. How to improve? I don't think you can! We loved all your personal touches." - DauaDee Carregher 6/29/11

"Good service. Good food. Best steak in years. Good to ss the Inn in such capable hands." Rick Ponte 6/29/11

"Wonderful anniversary. We haven't been serenaded since on honeymoon in Italy!" - Laurie Ross 6/29/11

"Meal was lovely. Server was cute!" - Linda Bliss 6/29/11

"Very nice and good." - Jerry and Sharon Flocchini 6/29/11

"Server: Highly attentive, entertaining, efficient. Chef: Great presentation, generous portions, good food. Both: Friendly, welcoming, genuine." - Ginnie Kim 6/29/11

"Excellent meal and service. Thank you so much!" Lloyd Davis 6/22/11

"Enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere while eating a wonderful meal. The view out the window was beautiful while eating dinner. The service was great and food was excellent. Thank you!" Kevin and Sarah Rice 6/22/11

"Excellent service and food." - Jim Moore 6/22/11

"Great steak, salad and Swedish Creme Dessert! Pie too! Love your sense of humor." - Kate Mutters 6/19/11

"Super!" - Howard and Rena Wagner 6/19/11

"Dinner was quite delicious and we appreciated the anniversary serenade. Thanks so much!" Carol and Brad Shelton 6/17/11

"Need a fresh fruit compote for dessert during the season. Good food!" - Greg Stathos 6/17/11

"Very good, as usual." Carol Gay 6/17/11

"Service and food: Excellent. Donnie: Great personality. All three bites were terriffic. Perhaps consider more beer choices, specifically and IPA" - Weber/Varnum 6/17/11

"What a surprise! We will stop next time we are hitchhiking by." - Paul and Vicki Runquist 6/17/11

"Awesome!" - Victor and Laura Ford 6/17/11

"Everything was great. Donnie wears many hats. Love the entertainment! Thanks." - Kim Barber 6/17/11

"Thank you for the fine carrot and ginger salad topping and for fixing the special steaks. It was a very lovely anniversary dinner. Karla and Doug Story 6/16/11

"Great food" Frank Baumert 6/12/11

"Great environment!" - Erin Herndobler 6/11/11

"Fabulous meal, service, and ambiance!" Erica Stover 6/11/11

"Delicious!" - Lynne Scronti 6/11/11

"Good eating experience" - Bob Moore 6/11/11

"Very good!" - Sharon Leedham 6/11/11

"Found you on TripAdvisor! Wonderful food and atmosphere. Loved the Meditterranean Chicken. Donnie on the piano made the evening very special! We will be back. Thank you!" Laurie Rose 6/10/11

"Yumm! The ride was great, the end even better! Wonderful service. The halibut was wonderful." Mary Lou Teske 6/10/11

"Terrific! Thank you for your great service and food! My only recommendation is to serve the brownie warm." - Lindsey and Teri Dike 6/10/11

"Wonderful! Everything was perfect." Kat Pruyn 6/10/11

"Awesome! Everything was sublime, especially the Halibut!" - Unsigned 6/9/11

"Thank you. We will be back" - John Price 6/9/11

"Lovely!" - Chris and Helen Brown - 6/8/11

"The Mediterranean Chicken was excellent! Bursting with flavor. Not too bold - not too subtle. We will definitely be back for the Swedish Cream! Donnie is not too bad on the piano either. A great dining experience all around!" Joe and Trisha Nagorski 6/8/11

"Fabulous meal with Harriet, delicious mango salsa with halibut and salad with ginger/carrot dressing. Your bread melted in my mouth. Thank you for a delightful dining experience in such a relaxed atmosphere." Jan Acord 6/5/11

"Lovely dinner, beautiful setting, great cook and host!" - Dale and Sonja Van Wey 6/5/11

"Food wonderful as always! Kudos to the cook!" Mary Allensworth 6/5/11

"Food was wonderful!" - Sharon Maupin 6/4/11

"Very good - everything." - Karen and Mike Monley 6/4/11

"Perfect as is." - Ernie Huenemeyer 6/4/11

"We enjoyed everything, the food was very good. Thank you!" Tony and Lalenna Ferrare 6/4/11

"Awesome! Thank you." - Don and Carol Bement 6/3/11

"Thank you so much for another wonderful meal. We hope to be back on Fathers Day. Your food is so terrific!!" - Glenda and Fred Riffle 6/3/11

"Awesome meal. We will be back." - Richard Bement 6/3/11

"Everything was wonderful. However the bread pudding would be better warmer. We will come back." Unsigned 6/3/11

"Wow! Good dinner! The bread was especially good!" Bill and Gini Abbott 6/1/11

"Great steak, great bread, great potato, lovely home. Keep it up. Thanks!" - Jason Garrett 6/1/11

"Great burgers!" - Andrew Robinson 6/1/11

"Very good meal! Salad so fresh, excellent service and entertainment by the waiter. Very comfortable setting - just need some sunshine next time please!" - George and Hazel Thomas 5/29/11

"Chicken Picatta was wonderful!" - Sharon Nims 5/29/11

"Always wonderful! The food is always special! Just the right touches. Thanks for everything!" - Joe and Joni Mitchell 5/29/11

"Every vacation we seem to 'just happen' upon the most amazing place to eat. THIS place was THE place on this trip. Everything was great. As a Texan, I can tell you that the NY Strip was a delicious meaty treat. Nicely seasoned. Speaking of nicely seasoned, the zucchini with just a hint of rosemary was really yummy. Sharper steak knives would be appreciated!" - Leslie Travis and Katherine Conway 5/29/11

"Thanx for letting us check in for coffee and a tour! Was great to have the cook share about the dessert." - Nicholas Bowers 5/29/11

"Loved the food and ambiance. The piano serenade wasn't bad either..." - Pat Magnus 5/29/11

"An exceptionally great dinner! Hot blueberry cobbler ala mode - wonderful!" - Jerry and Jan Warren 5/29/11

"Lovely setting - enjoyed the meal. Bread pudding was great" - Mike Smith 5/28/11

"Your signs are funny - like the "Open Range". Unsigned 5/28/11

"It was all great. Thank you - pork chops were beautiful. The steak was perfect." Robert and Jude Grimm 5/28/11

"Very nice! Food was excellent - service very good. Will definitely return." - Harry and Jean Nelson 5/28/11

"Excellent dinner, grounds are lovely. Service AAA." - Tim and Diane Goodrich 5/28/11

"Food and service were wonderful!" - Dave and Christine Fennell 5/27/11

"Congratulations on becoming Number One on TripAdvisor! You were number one with us already!" RUss and Debby Ashdon 5/27/11

"We have really enjoyed the food and your hospitality." Unsigned 5/27/11

"Loved the mango salsa and the bread pudding." - Tim and Tracy Laurance 5/27/11

"Music was excellent. Food was fantastic!! We will be back soon." Mike and Teresa Trimble 5/26/11

"Excellent service, fine food!" Kit and Darlene Novick 5/26/11

"Everything was wonderful as always. We enjoy it here, it is just like home and you guys are so special to us! God bless." Lee and Leigh 5/25/11

"We enjoyed our dinners very much!" - Chris and Erika Huber 5/25/11

"Thank you! You made us laugh twice!! Both at the Judgement Day sign and at the Open Range." Hanne and Ed Gwilym, Bellview WA 5/21/11

"The food was very good. You could tell it was homemade. Thank you." - Fidel and Mary Ruiz 5/21/11

"Great food, wonderful atmosphere and great service. We drive from Klamath Falls and it was well worth the drive. Thanks!" Mike and Yvonne Gillette 5/21/11

"Thanks. Great meal - wonderful setting, good service!" - Cathy 5/21/11

"Our host is a delight, our dinners were excellent, and Jack is now a convert to Mother Trucker Coffee!" - Melinda and Jack Cheek 5/21/11

"Great fun! Good food, wonderful choice. Very relaxing." - Bob and Linda Rood 5/21/11

"Wonderful! Good job, good luck!" - Allison Yale and Phil Gottula - Judgement Day, 5/21/11

"Wonderful meal, great ambiance, fantastic music. Will return again and certainly tell friends!" Hand, Dera and Dick Warrick 5/21/11

"Wonderful dinner, great ambiance!" - Jennifer Haney - 5/20/11

"Dinner was great!" Mike and Sandy Barkley 5/20/11

"Always delightful!" - Bonnie and Ken Hay 5/19/11

"Thank you. We enjoyed our meal and our company!" - Aura and Saad Reicherr 5/15/11

"Great dinner. Nice atmosphere too." Ron and Jan Sutton - 5/14/11

"Server - outstanding job. Keep him!" - Unsigned 5/14/11

"Great experience, thanks for good food and a great time! Superior service!" - Fred and Annette Belz 5/14/11

"The steak was outstanding. Salad excellent. Service fabulous and the humor just right. Thanks. " - Doug Strong 5/14/11.

"Everything was great! We enjoyed it all." - Chris and Crystal Wallis 5/14/11

"It was wonderful! Delicious food, beautifully presented. The service was outstanding - complete with great live piano music to top it all off!" - Kathy and Gale Tepper 5/14/11.

"Everything was wonderful - what a charming place. We were delighted with everything - food - service. Thank you!" - Ed and Karen Bickett 5/13/11

"Excellent! Can't wait to return. Hopefull next month or two. Thank you!" Cindy and Jim 5/13/11

"Excellent meal and service! Thank you very much!" Flo and Don Bohnert 5/13/11

"We think Donnie should wear roller skates when it gets busy! Wonderful meals as usual." - Rich and Ginny Hone 5/13/11

"Great meal. Thank you!" - Jim and Doris Geddry 5/8/11

"Thank you! Very good!" - Charles and Janet Thompson 5/8/11

"Enjoyed the front room. Very home like." - Mike and Linda Ganim 5/8/11

"Excellent food. Thanks." - Todd Love 5/7/11

"Rib steak prime Angus is best!" - Lisa Crichton 5/7/11

"Nate said: The best ribs I've ever tasted! Shareen said: The ravioli carnivore style were superb! Definately look forward to having them again. Donnie made us feel right at home!" - Shareen and Nate Webb 5/7/11

"Excellent food - dinners served attractively with little 'fat' which is a treat. Service was very nice - music delightful because it was truly listening music and not NOISE as so often is found these days. Piano music an extra plus! And homemade bread and desserts out of this world!" - Robert Jessen 5/7/11

"A wonderful dinner with personable people. Thank you!" Dennis and Cory Hurd 5/6/11

"Excellent service, facility and meal!" Donnie and Jen Miller 5/6/11

"We greatly enjoyed dinner (Ribs and Steak). Very much appreciated our server and the chef!!" Rober and Pepper 5/6/11

"Thanks for taking us in. We had a lovely drive here and wish you were closer to San Francisco!" - Jack and Jan Kilgour 5/4/11

"Great ambiance. Very friendly!" Love the music. Great food as usual. Always great being here! Thanks again." - Cheryle and David Ramirez 5/1/11

"Everything just fine." - Unsigned 5/1/11

"Our service and food was wonderful. Keep up your great hospitality!" Ken and Kassandra Dinger 5/1/11

"Everything was so good, I do not have any suggestions for improvement!" - Carol Ramirez 5/1/11

"Thank you so much for the great food and great, great service!" - Vallier 4/29/11

"Wonderful meal, great dessert." - Mark and Chris Freid 4/29/11

"Perfect, as always!!" - Chuck and Nadine Hoy 4/29/11

"Lovely atmosphere! Meal great - service witty and enjoyable!" Marlys Plumer 4/29/11

"What a great meal. We will be back. Thank you!" Dan and Wanda Kappel 4/29/11

"The chicken-fried steak was delicious, loved the garnish, ginger dressing super!@ Bread was great too! Our server was more than one could ask for. Thank you!" Natalie Dickerson 4/29/11

"All was great. Don't know how you could improve." Orville and Darlene Casey 4/29/11

"I am in a food-induced state of bliss. I blame it entirely on the Pinehurst Inn." - Erin and Colton Canton 4/28/11

"Swedish creme was good. Food was delicious" - Glen and Julie Koehnlein 4/28/11

"Food is excellent! We won't hesitate to recommend to friends." - Gini and Bill Abbott 4/28/11

"Best Prime Rib I've had in a long time. The baked potato was so fluffy and the vegetables were just right. The horseradish was out of this world!! Thank you so much for a fantastic meal. Excellent service also. " - Fred and Glenda Riffle 4/27/11

"Cooked to perfection! Great, friendly service." - Dean Cohen 4/27/11

"Excellent service, beautiful decor, pleasant and humorous waiter, host, server and excellent prime rib. We would definitely return here. Thank you for a great dinner. Awesome!" - Sherri McNeely 4/27/11

"It was a most enjoyable dinner and evening. The cook did an excellent job and the server was great and entertaining. The atmosphere was very very interestg and nostalgic. Made me feel at home. The Prime Rib and dinner were very excellent." - Nancy Michaelis 4/27/11

"5 stars for the Carrot and Ginger Salad Dressing. Prime Rib, very good. Your medium-rare is my rare. Thanks for your steadfast fulfillment of Inkeeper calling. " Sam Alvord - 4/27/11

"Exceptional! Will tell others - comfort of home - very personal- what a great meal and wonder prices! Will come back "home" soon!! Love the smiles and service!" - Karen L. Brown 4/27/11

"We're your neighbors, but we've never had the privilege of dining here. What took us so long? Everything was wonderful! Thanks!" Jessie Van Eerden - 4/27/11

"Thanks you guys. It was wonderful." Carol Worthington 4/27/11

"Wonderful experience. Stellar cuisine. Exceeded only by the snappy reparte offered by the staff. A totally enjoyable evening. The menu is SO worth the read!" - Bunny Lincoln 4/27/11

"Yum!!! We loved it! You are both gracious and wonderful. Well be back for sure!" Bonnie and Ken Hay 4/27/11

"Especially loved the spinach salad, bean salad, fruit, Prime Rib and Ham. Everything! Service excellent and saucy!" CJ and Brad Inman - 4/24/11

"Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! And the service was not so bad either!" - Elizabeth Linn 4/24/11

"Great spinach salad. Would like a chicken choice. Enjoyed it a lot!" - Ginnie Pearson 4/24/11

"Lovely!" - Tim and Diane Goodrich 4/24/11

"It's nice, and we were not hurried. Awesome!" - Linda Dyer 4/24/11

"Delicious dinner... prime rib, such good apricot-horseradish sauce! Quiet dining room, wonderful hospitality" - Fae and Wayne Linn 4/24/11

"Absolutely wonderful! Service amazing - LOVED the veggies and salads. Apricot-Horseradish Sauce - OUCH... so good! Really enjoyed being in the front room... lovely!" Cindy Walker 4/24/11

"Delicious food and good service" - Bill and Rosemary Schueller 4/24/11

"Very enjoyable!" - Willie Keshpaugh 4/24/11

"Excellent food and service" - Barbara and Randell Simonson - 4/24/11

"Wonderful service, great food and warm ambience. Such a pleasure to be here." - Anita and John Ward 4/24/11

"Everything was wonderful. I don't see how you could get any better. We love it here." Lee and Leigh 4/24/11

"Very good, very good!" - Bill Vance 4/23/11

"We love your hospitality and the unique ambiance of the Pinehurst Inn. Along with it's long history." Terry and Cheri Kissell 4/23/11

"This was a wonderful getaway. Dinner was fabulous. Hospitality was awesome. This is a 5-star adventure. Thanks so much for making us feel at home. Thank you for your service!" - Bryan Lyttrell and Teri McMullen 4/23/11

"Tonight we were served a wonderful meal by our angelic chef and her knight in shining apron." Rocky and Margaret Hiner 4/23/11

"Perfect! Service, food, etc!!!" - Jeffrey and Sasha Christopherson 4/23/11

"The food was amazing. The server was very giddy and smiley. We really enjoy the friendliness" Jeffrey and Sasha Christophersen 4/22/11

"Gee - nice and quiet. Other guests were quiet. We hardly noticed them. My wife said we scared 'em off and that's why it's so quiet. Oh, and excellent food and company!" - Chuck and JoAnn Miller 4/21/11

"Very good food!!" - Ken Chandler 4/17/11

"Excellent meal - I especially liked the pork chops with apple topping - the asparagus could be cooked a little more but some people like it that way." Marcia and Chris Durham 4/17/11

"Excellent. Hope we will be back!" - Tim Engstrom 4/17/11

"Wonderful! We loved it. Thank you!" - Glenice Bellamy - 4/17/11

"Very good service, great food. Thank you for the experience!" - Ken Pedersen 4/16/11

"Best cut of pork we have ever had! A special experience, and worth the trip." - Alan and Angela Dietrich 4/16/11

"Very good food and service." - F. Stillwell 4/16/11

"This is a wonderful place. We all enjoyed our lunch here and hope to visit you again." Mary Chapman 4/16/11

"Felt very welcomed upon arrival. Dinner menu was limited... could you offer crackers and cheese? Warm the brownie! And serve with more chocolate! Appreciated the mix of attentive but not invasive service." - Mary Vasudeva - 4/14/11

"Steaks were excellent!! Entire meal... excellent!! Conversation with proprietors... excellent!! A very wonderful experience... God bless you, Donnie and Denise. Thank you!" - Carl and Susan Kessler 4/13/11

"Taste tingling from the salad to the dessert. Service was excellent, cooking was extraordinary!" - Norm Grant - 4/10/11

"Food and service excellent!" - Ken and Bev May 4/10/11

"All is well in the stomach division!" - Sam Alvord 4/9/11

"Everything was fabulous!" Jim and Lisa Reynolds 4/9/11

"Great steaks!" - Jim and Dianna Crary - 4/9/11

"So very good! But the food is bad... for a diet! Too good! This was a most quiet and relaxing vacation." - Tim and Becky Langford 4/9/11

"Thank you Donnie and Denise for an outstanding meal. The Pot Roast was wonderful! Just another day at the Pinehurst Inn, everything was wonderful." Glenn and Shirley Bigness 4/8/11

"Fantastic, you guys always do a great job. By far our favorite place to bring friends to dine. Thank you!" - Bryce and Cassie Blankenship 4/8/11

"Everything was wonderful tonight! Pot Roast delightful!" - Anita and Bob Dygert-Gearheart 4/8/11

"Great food, fun efficient service and remarkable boogie-woogie!" - Bob Clark 4/2/11

"Food was excellent!" - Daniel McDonald 4/2/11

"We love you both... Denise, you look so beautiful, and Donnie you are terrific! And the food is always fantastic." - Margaret Hiner 4/2/11

"We had a wonderful time. Food was great!! Very attentive and pleasant. We will be back and will recommend to everyone. Thank you so much!!" - Emma Basso 4/2/11

"Yummy ribs. Great steak. Enjoyed the corn salad... new taste experience!" - Bonnie and Dean Rott 4/2/11

"We really enjoyed our birthday celebration with family and you." Pat and Donna Bond 4/2/11

"Thanks for everything!" - Ella and Nathan Davis 4/1/11

"Everything was 'above and beyond'! What a lucky find... we were so impressed with the service, food and talent! Thanks so much, Donnie!" - Carolyn and Craig Rogers 4/1/11

"I'm full!!! The salmon was cooked to perfection, salad was very good, portions were more than ample. Service was great, staff very friendly, makes you feel at home. Thank you!" - Joe and Rhonda Ward 4/1/11

"Great hospitality. Yummy food. Amazing atmosphere. Feels like 'better than home'!" - Glen Mitts 3/31/11

"I think you were very warm and classy. What a nice treat for dinner!" - Brent and Sandra 3/31/11

"Excellent food. Welcoming atmosphere. Feels like eating at someone's home!" Mark and Hope Hurt 3/31/11

"Only improvement needed - move closer to our hometown!!! And you need to raise your prices... we were sure there was a math error. Seriously great meal!" - Michele Corlette and Jim Lutticken 3/27/11

"Everything was awesome. Full to the brim. Thanks so much!" Gary Dalgleist - 3/26/11

"Excellent." - Andrew Trembley 3/26/11

"We had a wonderful time (as usual). The London Broil was the best we have ever tasted." - Scott and Stacy 3/26/11

"Had a great dining experience. Good food, unique recipies. Loved it!" - Unsigned 3/26/11

"Very cute, quaint little restaurant. Really enjoyed a great dinner. Thank you - we will be back!!" - Ben and Dee 3/26/11

"Very much enjoyed our time. Everything great. Thank you. God bless you!" - Unsigned 3/25/11

"We loved sitting by the fire and 'socializing' before dinner." - Dan and Sandy Speasl - 3/25/11

"It was a wonderful meal and wonderful service. Thank you for making our 14th anniversary a cozy, delicious, inviting, and humorous occasion!" - Julie and Adrian Futoran-Ulsted 3/25/11

"Steaks were excellent. Great flavor. Wonderful service." - Samantha and Jesse Pershin 3/24/11

"Great food!" - Bonnie Morgan - 3/20/11

"It was all great!" - Jocelyn Cathcart 3/19/11

"Good good good good. We will be back!" - Cat Cathcart 3/19/11

"Excellent food, great historic setting." - Clay Cathcart 3/19/11

"Our 35th anniversary was very special. Everything was great and especially the food!! Songs too!" - Randy and Lenda Eeek 3/19/11

"Great salmon and mango salsa. Salad crisp and dressing tangy and refreshing." - Ann South 3/19/11

"Lovely! Loved the mango salsa. Salads are always special as are grilled veggies." Belle 3/19/11

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! If there is anything that you want, Pinehurst is the place!!!" - Unsigned 3/18/11

"This is Freida's and my first night out alone together! We felt very welcomed here and for sure will call the Pinehurst Inn our special place! Thank you." - Val and Frieda Leyva 3/18/11

"Awesome! Love the food and the room." - Dale and Candy Bart 3/18/11

"Nice salad. Chicken too!" - Unsigned 3/18/11

"I prefer to think of myself (self appointed, of course!) as a foodie.... and from one foodie to another, it was all great! Grape Pie, grilled veggies awesome. The halibut and steak were excellent and prepared as ordered. We enjoyed the dining experience and service was great! Thanks so much!" - Paul and Beth Lyman 3/18/11

"The Wild Reuben was untamable! It knocked off my socks! xoxo." - Ben and Amy Schumacher 3/18/11

"Great - Thank you for a well needed night out!!!" - Tom and Tamara Rose 3/12/11

"Awesome! Peaceful, refreshing." - Mark and Carol Weaver 3/1211

"Very good!" - Jim and Mary Ann Crandall - 3/12/11

"Wonderful, wonderful meal! The grape pie was SOOOOO yummy. Thank you!" - James and Yvette Wengel - 3/12/11

"Fabulous dinner! Very well run business." - Janine Moore 3/12/11

"Everything was excellent! 'Cherry' pie was delicious." - Dan and Mary McCulloch 3/12/11

"Wonderful! Warm, friendly attention. Top notch." - Kay Atwood and Dvid Strother 3/6/11

"Always exactly what we want. Excellent food and service. You should move to Ashland during the winter!" - H&L 3/6/11

"This place is awesome!!!" - Andy Wallner - 3/5/11

"Food and service was great!" - Steve and Kandy Strong - 3/5/11

"Everything was wonderful, food was very tasty. Two thumbs up, for food and service. We could not have asked for a better place to stay and eat. We plan on making this a yearly thing. Thank you both so very much for everything! you two are wonderful!" Nic Proctor and Nicole Converse 3/5/11

"Wow! What some great food. The best part was sending my steak back for a little extra heat and getting to 'help' my wife with her salmon. That crisp was incredible!" - Jeff Johnson 3/5/11

"Food was excellent! Service was great, we really enjoyed dinner and appreciate everything." - Erin and Dustin 3/4/11

"Food was fantastic. Steak cooked just the way I like it." - Robert and DeAnn Bogart - 3/2/11

"Dinner tonight couldn't have been better. Denise, you are an amazing, talented chef. Donnie is a wonderful server. Thanks for inviting us into your beautiful home/Inn!" - William and Melissa Dykstra 2/27/11

"LOVED the scallions/green onions in the wild rice / Portabello mushroom side dish. Would have enjoyed just a few more!" - Eric and Megan Baker 2/26/11

"Awesome meals and room, hospitality and entertainment! Will definitely be back!" - Steve and Debbie Daggett 2/26/11

"Steak was tremendous! Cooked to perfection, no sauce was needed. Kudos to the chef and waitress!" - Jake Crandall 2/26/11

"No comments needed. 10.0!" - Jim Crandall 2/26/11

"Excellent food! Great service! Great accommodations!" - Richard and Cindy Rowe 2/26/11

"Love the individualized service and the food was amazing! Thank you so much." - Daggett 2/25/11

"Everything was good, swedish cream and rice pilaf was exceptional!" - Jon and Kim Gettman 2/25/11

"You need a treadmill out on the porch for after dinner! Delicious and lots of fun!" - Jim and Marcy 2/25/11

"The dinner was perfect - the atmosphere wonderful. Very welcoming and homey. We will definitely be visiting again. Thank you so much!" - Mark and Nicole Brown 2/25/11

"Hi again! We love being able to come back so soon! Looooved the pork chops! P.S. this pen is out of ink!" Robert and Jen - 2/25/11

"Very good, and portions just right." - Jon Murphy 2/19/11

"Keep up the amazing work! It was awesome." - Rafe and Lina 2/19/11

"Very good service and food" - Unsigned 2/19/11

"Thank you for a wonderful, perfectly delicious dinner! Great personal service, awesome experience. Thank you for a perfect get away!" - Alanna and Brad Stebbins 2/19/11

"It was awesome!" - Brock LaJaye and Katie Holmes 2/19/11

"Great food, great wait(ress)er LOL. You can keep the red peppers though." - Jim Lambert 2/19/11

"The English Muffin Bread was excellent. You made and excellent Long Island. Everything was wonderful!" - Tyler and MIchelle Oherson - 2/19/11

"We wish we had more stomachs so we could eat more of the amazing food! Don't cows have four stomachs? Lucky!" - Ryan and Caitlyn Littrell 2/18/11

"Great meals and services. Love the prime rib!!!" - Margie McKinsey 2/13/11

"Wonderful food - great service, great atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves." - Dave and Pat Eisenberg 2/13/11

"So personal! Enjoyed our conversation with Jennifer. Quiet, relaxed, unhurried - we will be back!" - Marv and Laurie Teply 2/13/11

"As always, it was delicious! We love coming here and always will! We love your company. See you again... and again... and well, you get the picture! Haha!" - Jen and Robert 2/13/11 P.S. I tell everyone about you!

"Very nice lunch. Thank you." - Steve and Cindy Nork 2/13/11

"I'm too full - very good!" - Ron and Linda 2/12/11

"Wow! What a fun and friendly place - dinner and dessert was absolutely wonderful. Love the humor and piano!" - Rom and Riki Bedford 2/12/11

"Bread is to die for, food cooked to perfection. Service exquisite, and we will be back. It was well worth the 1.5hr drive. Atmosphere excellent." - Dan and Vivian Chase 2/12/11

"Superb, excellent, fabulous, incredible. We LOVED it. Don't change any of the recipes. We will be back and will tell lots of others. Wonderful environment. Just like our home... piano, candles, stained glass, antiques... Couldn't be better." - James and Caroline Robinson 2/12/11

"Donnie is an exceptionally funny and original waiter. Really!! Salsa, halibut, fruit, horseradish, inventive. Prime rib expetionally moist, swedish creme was classic. Thank you!" - Diana Standing 2/12/11

"Great!" - Tommy Wells 2/11/11

"Had salmon and it was very delicious. Loved the owners and ambiance." - Mildred Wells 2/11/11

"Great meal, great service, very enjoyable" - Carey Allen 2/11/11

"Very lovely evening. Real nice. Food very good" - Gene and Sue Olp 2/11/11

"The service and the food were excellent. Look forward to coming back." - Laura Gallivan 2/11/11

"Loved the apricot, horseradish sauce and au jus with Prime Rib! The veggies were a great medley." - Shannon Creswell 2/11/11

"It was an excellent meal. We loved every bite." - Unsigned 2/11/11

"The food was amazing, hats off to the chef! Very refreshing to the palate. Explosive and invigorating. The service was fabulous as well. Thanks so much!" - Danielle and Doug Nagy 2/11/11

"You can't improve on perfection!! Everything was delicious with wonderful service in a friendly and warm way. Great fun! We look forward to returning real soon." Jim eggleston and Pat seldon 2/11/11

"EWverything was fabulous! Thank you - we will be back!" Annette and Jim

"Wonderful! Loved every minute. Comfortable and very nice. Thank you!" - Sheila Mabou - 2/10/11

"Excellent hospitality!" - Sally Pearce - 2/10/11

"Awesome as usual, great food, mellow atmosphere. Thank you so much!!" - Danny Bechtel 2/10/11

"Very nice meal. Fun evening, entertaining server." - Danny Miles 2/9/11

"Thanks for the hospitality. Great food, time and company. See you soon!" Rosie and Fred 2/6/11

"If you ever want to share the "corn salad" recipe, you can send it to me! Service was great!" - Jerry Golden 2/5/11

"Excellent, entertaining, great food." - Dani and Ann Watson 2/5/11

"I had a very good chicken picatta. Great food and atmosphere. Thanks!" - Unsigned 2/5/11

"Perfect!" - Kim McArthur and Diana MacCaskie 2/5/11

"Ribs were yummy, corn salad and bread too. Fish was good too!" - Mary Cutler and Steve Wells 2/4/11

"A true delight - will be back!" - Jim Owens 2/4/11

"Wonderful dinner. I love salads and yours are the best! Ate all those great ribs." Carol G. Creswell 2/4/11

"Loved the ribs, loved the service!" - Unsigned 2/4/11

"You are both very hospitible. Really can't offer any constructive feedback. Everything has been very well done." - Eric Morrell and Marty McGuire 2/4/11

"The Pinehurst Inn is great! Denise and Donnie are gracious, caring, accomplished hostes! When Donnie plays the piano it's dinner AND a show! Wonderful, wonderful!" - Jackson and Carol Ann Meadows 2/2/11

"Fantastic!" - Daniel and Roberta McNeill 1/29/11

"Dinner was delicious, a feast for the eyes and the palate." - Bill and Brenda Toschik 1/29/11

"We enjoyed your decor. Thank you for the special menu! The warm glow of lights in the windows made your place seem inviting. Glad we stopped!" - Cal and Sheilla Shrock 1/29/11

"Maybe next time I'll order something other than the steak. OK, I lied! It's THAT good!" - Erin Canton 1/28/11

"Great food and service, with humor! Thanks." - John Shaw 1/28/11

"Excellent pork and raviolis. Enjoyed the cook/chef visiting our table. Our waiter was in rare form and we appreciated his sense of humor." - Carl and Jan Seig 1/28/11

"We will be back - SO inviting and charming. Thank you!" - Melissa and Cory Brown 1/27/11

"The BEST apple pie and I am a pie maker! The steak was perfect. The gravy was a sign of a reqal chef - on the most delicious mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. WOW! I'm SO impressed!" - Garris and Jan Elkins 1/21/11

"Great dinner! Wouldn't change a thing." - Ryan and Kate Rhoden 1/21/11

"Everything was wonderful. The apple pie was the best ever. Thank you so much for your kindness and service." - Mark and Tammy Rhodes 1/21/11

"So yummy! Very pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for serving us. Loved the bread, salad and veggies the best. All was great though." - Dale Southmayd 1/21/11

"Best apple pie EVER!!! And everything else." - Jesse and Lainie Zeigler 1/21/11

"Scrumptious as ALWAYS! The presentation is a joy to observe. Keep up the good work" - Kathleen Atkinson 1/16/11

"Always SOOOO good!" - Erna Santos 1/16/11

"Donnie and Denise! Thank you for making our stay so nice again. Blessing!" - Rev Jim and Kerry Howe 1/16/11

"Yummy!" Dan and Marna Conway - 1/16/11

"Lovely!" - Susan Daniels and Phil McNeal 1/15/11

"Food was awesome. We were really interested in the history of the place. Thanks for everything." - Rina and Lance LaJaye 1/15/11

"So absolutely yummy! Everything was perfect. Thank you! Puddleriffic!" - Laurie and Phil Bangs 1/15/11

"Excellent dinner of salad, steak, break and Swedish Cream." - Doug and Myrna Wulff 1/15/11

"Both steak and halibut were excellent. Doc said his steak was the best he could recall ever having." - Doc and Jeanette Shaw - 1/14/11

"We love to come here. The food is fantastic and we love being here. You guys are so special. We will be coming back." - Leigh and Lee 1/14/11

"Always Damnnnnn Gooooood Foooood! Thanks guy!" - H.L. Benbough 1/14/11

"Everything was wonderful! Even better than expected." - Carolyn and Matt Thompson 1/14/11

"Perfect N.Y.!" Dave and Traci Holm 1/14/11

"Great hospitality and food." - Joe and Tatiana 1/9/11

"Great hot chocolate and conversation! Thanks for the Snickerdoodles too!" - Jerry and Jan Warren 1/9/11

"Everything was perfect! Best New York Steaks." - Steven and Traci Bodnar 1/8/11

"This inn, The Pinehurst Inn, is a beautiful location for any occasion. My husband and I felt completely attended to, like a special treatment! Dinner was fantastic! Would do, and will do it again!" - Sarah Koertje, 1/8/11

"Great chicken and veggies!" - Devin Rojas 1/7/11

"Excellent. Don't change a thing!" - Angelina Blandino 1/7/11

"Few could have been more surprised than we after being in this area for over 11 years and never have been here!! Thanks for everything. Loved your place!" - Daniel and Roberta McNeill 1/7/11

"Excellent!" - Chip and LaVaughn Hull 1/1/11

"Very good food!" - Angel and Allen Lyles 1/1/11

"Dinner was excellent. The swedish cream was amazing! The hospitality was very warm and funny. Thank you!" - James and Amy Robinson 12/31/10

"Fabulous!!! Thank you for the serene getaway. What a God blessed way to spend an anniversary and New Year. So many things to remind us of our childhood together. Wonderful memories we have not reflected on in a long time. Happiness certainly landed at Pinehurst. God Bless." - Jimbo Childs and Shannon Fitzgerald 12/31/10

"Awesome! Salmon was succulent and the Swedish Cream delightful!" - Rick and Terri Korner 12/31/10

"Nothing could have been better... food and service excellent! Can't wait to come back!!" - Richard Johnson 12/30/10

"Steaks were great!" - Donna and Garrett 12/30/10

"The food and service was great! It felt very homey and genuine." - Unsigned 12/30/10

"Outstanding! Loved the Prime Rib. We are pinehurst rookies and we loved it." - Shari Watterberg 12/30/10

"Thanks for opening your doors and restaurant for us tonight. We loved the food and especially the servers. :)" - Rick and Karen Brewster 12/30/10

"Da-Licious! :)" - Randy and Rhonda Warren - 12/30/2010

"Thank you! It was delicious and a great time of fellowship." - Emily Brewster 12/30/10

"Best damn meal we've had in a long time. Nice, comfortable place to be. Chef was excellent!" - Chuck and Sharon Horner 12/29/10

"Lovely presentation with a delightful blend of flavors. You can tell it was made with care." - Dan and Marna Conway - 12/26/10

"The food was fabulous. The company, better. Read it and weep, we are coming back!" - Lou and Hedy Sequeisa 12/24/2010

"Innkeepers ought to be kind, humorous, dependable and open to kindly ridicule. You pass!" - Sam of Lincoln 12/24/10

"Wonderful food, great service!" - Bonnie-Jean and Ted Woodcook 12/24/10

"Fabulous food... cannot be beat! (Waiter looks cute in fishnets)" - Chuck and Nadine Hoy 12/24/10

"Great ambiance, food (steak!!!), service and B&B atmosphere." - Luke and Debbe Klaja 12/24/10

"Great meal! We love coming here." - Sandy Speasl 12/23/10

"Nice drive after work, wonderful setting for dinner, looking forward to a restful night." - Robin and Monte Keady 12/23/10

"100% Excellent." - Scott Taylor 12/23/10

"It was great! Thanks for the wonderful dinner." Hannah Brewster 12/20/10

"We will be back! Thank you Donnie the host/server/busboy for making us smile and feel at home. Denise, your steak and the whole meal ROCKED!" - Donna and Dave 12/19/10

"Very nice experience. Thank you!" - Jim Vercellotti 12/19/10

"Great food! Great service! Thank you so much!" - Mary Ann Allen 12/19/10

"Scrumpdillyicious! Feels like home, only better!" - Ralph and Alison 12/18/10

"Outstanding food, as good as the reviews we read promised. We will be back!" - Terry and Brian Sheldon 12/18/10

"The Inn is really homey and cute and the food was great!!! We are bringing friends back. See you then!" - Ken and Deb Hallis 12/17/10

"Fantastic as always. Great food, great wine and great friends!" - Ken and Diana Custis 12/17/10

"This is a very warm place with an atmosphere that makes you feel at home." - John and Angela Goeres - 12/12/10

"This place is perfect the way it is. Change nothing! Expecially the recipes. Love the ambiance." - Harriett Rex Smith - 12/12/10

"Denise's cooking is phenomenally good! The Chicken Caccitore was a veritable symphony of flavors, fresh and beautifully presented. Divine!" - Tina Tomiyama 12/12/10

"Wonderful - truely enjoyed it." - Carol and Dave Coker - 12/11/10

"The BEST steak I've ever had! Done to perfection." - Diana Long 12/11/10

Best Cacciatore I've ever eaten!" - Larry Stricklin 12/11/10

"How can you improve on such outstanding food/meals already? Wonderful!" - Matt and Lona Kutcher 12/11/10

"Wow.... amazing! Great service as always - you ROCK! Can't wait to come back again." - Amanda and Ryan Sarver 12/11/10

"Very nice! Celebrated my birthday with husband and kids. We will definitely be back. Thanks!" - Susan James 12/11/10

"Lovin' the bread and the steak. Asparagus soup was to die for." - Bob and Tess Adell - 12/9/10

"Yummy food, gracious host, lovely atmosphere." - Karen Foster 12/11/10

"You guys are great! Thank you for taking us as we were later than planned. Service was outstanding." - Lori Delashmutt - 12/11/10

"Everything was great! We cannot wait to come back." - Dave Bell 12/10/10

"We had a great time and the food was fantastic as always! You guys are the BEST!" - Bryce and Cassie Blankenship 12/10/10

"What a fabulous find! Creative menu with reasonable prices. Donnie is charming. The location is so unique, in the middle of the eastern dry forests. Thanks for preserving the legacy!" - Chris and Margaret Curtis 12/5/10

"As always, you outdo yourselves! It's becoming a birthday tradition to at least have dinner with you guys. Thanks for the amazing dinner. It was delicious! And for the great service and conversation." - Jen and Robert Acosta 12/5/10

"I love the atmosphere. Your ribs are best ever. We enjoyed the getaway and staying overnight. Thank you, Donnie and Denise!" - William and Luese Davis 12/4/10

"The corn salad was delicious! As of course were the ribs - which were the reason we came - SOB said they were soooo good - we just had to see for ourselves - and yes, he was right!" - Casey and Lisa 12/4/10

"Awesome dinner. The room and the Inn itself are very beautiful." - Shelly and Kenneth Kenyon 12/4/10

"The steak was amazing! Best steak I've ever had. Halibut salsa added a sweet zip!" - Unsigned 12/4/10

"Everything was scrumptious!" - Unsigned 12/3/10

"The ribs were wonderful!" - Unsigned 12/3/10

"What a wonderful break for us to come to Pinehurst!" - Stephanie and David Keener - 12/3/10

"Everything is wonderful! Very pleasant atmosphere and music. Beautiful presentation of food, great service." - John and Noreen Rojas 11/28/10

"Wonderful ambiance - fun hosts - restful- great for getting away and listening to the quiet. We will surely spread the news to our friends." - Paul and Sharon Porner 11/28/10

"Thank you. Dinner was excellent. :) Good steak!" - Robin and Shelley Hulce 11/17/10

"This place is awesome and the food was outstanding." - Rick and Michelle Phillips 11/18/10

"Everything was excellent." - Linell and David Stock 11/18/2010

"Thank you for being flexible in our vegan diet. We enjoyed sharing time with ou. Time permitting we look forward to staying again on our way back." - Robert and Monique 11/19/10

"Four excellent dinners. Mikey liked it!" - Roberta Johns 11/12/10

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